Re: State of the Coaster

On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 10:50, Manuel Clos wrote:
> Sean Harshbarger wrote:
> > I have 5 weeks to hit my release for version 0.1.0. I plan to have a
> > pre-release out 2 weeks before that.
> That's great.
> > Whats has to happen is I have to write the backend code now! With
> > libburn being in a almost usable/ready state, this issue is not hard. I
> > only have to decide how I want to do it. There is talk about a gnome lib
> > based off libburn, and I may go into that come 0.1.0 and let people
> > know. Just be forewarned that backend code needs to be separate from the
> > GUI. This also includes the preferences. The GUI is in a decent state,
> > and is usable. The hardest part is the the gnome-vfs to libburn
> > interface.
> I have looked at the HACKING and TODO files and I still don't see how 
> someone else can help since you only tell the big picture.
> Is there anything more elaborated so I can look at it?

I am trying to update the Hacking as I go along.
> > Compile stuff is as follows. While coaster is in cvs, there will be time
> > that either libburn or coaster itself will not compile. I will be aware
> > of these and will have it fixed in a timely manner. I try to make sure
> I supose that you are refering to the "libcdburn" module when you talk 
> of libburn, I tried compiling it but it does not build with gcc-2.95. 
> You should keep portability in mind.

Accually, libcdburn no longer exsits, its now just libburn. There is
information for it's cvs repo on the coaster site.

> I was unable to build coaster (dependency problem) nor coasterarchitect 
> (dies at configure time).
> I finally found libburn on the -devel archives (!) but it didn't worked:
> cvs login: authorization failed: server rejected access 
> to /cvs/cvsroot for user anonymous

Ok ya, thats the right repo. You have to tyoe anonymous as the password.
> I have only seen the definitions on the web page that seem to come from 
> libburn.h.

What you see is just what Doxygen made.

> So well, if you *really* want help, it should be easier to setup the 
> whole thing.
> One last issue I have is copyright of the code. While the libcdburn 
> contains lots of copy and paste code from cdrdao, some copyright notices 
> have been removed (ie. Doing copy and paste code from the 
> c++ dao library and then commenting lots of lines to make it compile 
> doesn't look right. I supose that you have permission to remove those 
> copyright notices from Andreas Mueller.

That branch is old code so the whole thing is non-issue atm.
> Also, if libcdburn is using that lots of code from cdrdao, why don't you 
> asked on the mailing list to cooperate? Free Software is all about 
> cooperation.

libburn is not based off cdrdoa. Its fresh clean code all done without
borrowing other code.

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