Re: designing a wrapper lib

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 19:43, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Hi,
> Assuming everyone agrees we need to use one wrapper library for all
> gnome core apps, 

We don't need to have one wrapper library that all gnome media apps use.
We can have a wrapper library that can make the things like "play this
sound file" into one line instead of maybe 20. But if people still want
to do the setting up of a gst pipeline, then then can, and we won't
exclude them from being part of "the gnome multimedia project (tm)". 

> To start with, here are a few things I could think of. If you think they
> dont belong here, just start a discussion.
> - simple audio/video playback
> - gapless transition/crossfading (Not sure about this one, at least RB
> will need it, but i can imagine other apps needing it. It's just a very
> nice feature that would ideally Just Work on any mediaplayer.)
> - relative volume
> - equalizer backend, perhaps a widget as well?
> - visualization
> - good audio cd support (with things like eject and cd availability
> signals as well)
> - metadata reading and writing
> - internet radio support

Some of these are nice. Some are rather application specific and we
probably shouldn't bloat a library with them.

However, there is no hope in hell that we can a) design a decent API
or b) get it all done in 1.5 months, on top of what we already have to
do, so this probably shouldn't be our top priority. 

Plus, I agree with Wim, this does sound like you've taken RhythmBox
decided to stick it in a library.

"Find your own Calcutta" - Mother Teresa

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