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hi thomas,

On 09/17, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

> > > > I'd prefer Gnome to go the OSX way. I hope Totem can top gst-player as
> > > > far video players are concerned ;) (hey, I'm biased)
> > > 
> > > any plans to keep using libxine in totem?
> > 
> > Please read the rest of your gnome-multimedia mailbox, this has been
> > rehashed lots. :-)
> I'm guessing Guenter just joined the list, so he probably didn't get 
> those.  The archives are out there though.  We're a bit too young of a 
> mailing list to already pick up discussions again ;)

uh, sorry - i'll have a look at the mailing list archives then :)

> But (without wanting to answer for Bastien) it looks like totem will keep 
> supporting xine but will start using gstreamer as well in the future.

humm - i'm just wondering what to do about this from the xine side. if
totem is going to switch to another library anyway, i guess gnome-xine
will need to be developed and supported further (since a lot of people
certainly want to have xine on their gnome-desktop).

also i'd like to hear from you if there's anything wrong with libxine or
if you have any wishes/feature requests - libxine's api is currently
being redesigned so this is the time to consider these. there are also
some efforts going on to push libxine into the direction of video
processing/editing and what's exiting about this one is that it looks
like this isn't going too take too much effort (even though libxine was
never designed for that).

> Guenter, it's nice to see you on this list ;) Are you a regular Gnome user 
> or just looking what we're up to ?

i have been using gnome for a long time and i am still quite a fan of the
project - but i'm not really a desktop "user" as i use desktops mainly
for playing around while for my real work all i need is a window manager,
a few xterms and emacs ;>. at the moment i'm using kde3.1 because it
looks so stylish - but as soon as gnome2 is completely available in
debian i guess i'll give it a try.



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