Re: Ideas and graph

> <quote who="Guenter Bartsch">
> > > I'd prefer Gnome to go the OSX way. I hope Totem can top gst-player as
> > > far video players are concerned ;) (hey, I'm biased)
> > 
> > any plans to keep using libxine in totem?
> Please read the rest of your gnome-multimedia mailbox, this has been
> rehashed lots. :-)

I'm guessing Guenter just joined the list, so he probably didn't get 
those.  The archives are out there though.  We're a bit too young of a 
mailing list to already pick up discussions again ;)

But (without wanting to answer for Bastien) it looks like totem will keep 
supporting xine but will start using gstreamer as well in the future.

Guenter, it's nice to see you on this list ;) Are you a regular Gnome user 
or just looking what we're up to ?



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