Re: Audio API

On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 10:47, ChristianHJW wrote:
> "Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller" <Uraeus linuxrising org> schrieb im
> Newsbeitrag news:1033975397 4344 10 camel c225s9h5 upc chello no   
> > Hi Samuel,
> > Well until we come up with something concrete the current esound based
> > API is the official one. I have started doing a GEP for using a
> > small library on top of GStreamer as the API, but the GEP is currently
> > in Thomas Vander Stichele's custody :).
> I am not 100% sure here, but maybe UFI ( Universal Format Interface ) ,
> being discussed in the ongoing development process of UCI ( Universal Codec
> Interface ) could also be an option here.
> Erik Walthinsen, one of the founders behind gstreamer, has recently give
> excellent input to the UCI mailing list (
>   ) and
> even started to write a paper
> on this and other
> behalfs .
> Alex Stewart, the head behind UCI, stated he could think of creating UFI on
> top of UCI once its ready to use. The purpose of creating UCI was to have an
> easy to use API to be able to handle everything codec related. UFI on the
> other hand should offer a much wider functionality, being an extension to
> UCI, offering a more complex API allowing everything necessary to handle
> audio tracks in general.
> Sorry if i missed the point here completely, i am not a developer myself.
I haven't read much about UFI, but I would be very suprised if UFI isn't
way to low level for our use here, and also way to vapourware atm for
anyone to consider using :)


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