[ANN] GStreamer graphical pipeline editor released

      GStreamer Pipeline Editor "Thanks for all the fish" 0.2.0 released

   A first release of gst-editor, the GStreamer graphical pipeline
   editor, is now available for public consumption! This tool allows
   easy, graphical construction, inspection, and operation of media
   processing pipelines. It can be used as a rapid prototyping tool as
   well as a method to learn more about [1]GStreamer. More information
   about gst-editor is available on the project's [2]home page.

   Work on gst-editor was originally started in 2000 by Erik Walthinsen,
   but was left unfinished and unmaintained for a year or two.
   Development was picked up in mid-2002 by Andy Wingo, resulting in a
   port to Gnome 2, adaptation to the current GStreamer API, and general
   UI improvements and modularization. While much progress has been made
   in the area of stabilization, crashes still occur from time to time.
   Reproduceable bugs should be reported to [3]Gnome bugzilla.

   To rehash, for the impatient: THIS CODE IS VERY ALPHA.


     * Thomas Vander Stichele took [4]this shot while designing the
       pipeline topology for a radio station mixing project:

         "It shows two decoding threads that read files from disk,
         connected to an adder, which does threaded output (in the
         actual app, osssink is replaced again by tee, which sends
         data to various output methods).

         "After some experimentation, this seemed to be the ideal
         pipeline setup, which I was able to verify by setting the
         whole pipeline to play (using the buttons at the bottom), then
         only pausing the adder (as shown in the screenshot - see the
         adder being in pause and everything else in play). Pressing
         pause here kept osssink playing for a little bit more until
         the queue is empty. In the app, this gives me the time to
         disconnect an input pipe, or connect a new one, with the adder
         being paused, so as to have seamless playback."

     * Andy made [5]this shot while playing around with [6]LADSPA
       plugins. Note the automatically generated controls for element
       properties, as well as the quick launch palette showing all
       available elements.


   gst-editor requires GStreamer 0.4.1. It could probably work with
   0.4.0, but that is untested.

   You can find the source release of gst-player in [7]tar.gz format.

   RPM packages will be available from our [9]apt for rpm repository, and
   Debian packages should be coming soon to an experimental near you.

Maintainer needed

   Andy is heading off to teach physics in rural Namibia for two years.
   Needless to say, he won't be doing much development on the editor.
   Patches should be submitted to the [10]gstreamer-devel mailing list.


   1. http://gstreamer.net/
   2. http://gstreamer.net/apps/gst-editor/
   3. http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=GStreamer&component=gst-editor
   4. http://gstreamer.net/images/gst-editor-gstreamix.png
   5. http://gstreamer.net/images/gst-editor-ladspa.png
   6. http://www.ladspa.org/
   7. http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gstreamer/gst-editor-0.2.0.tar.gz?download
   8. http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gstreamer/gst-editor-0.2.0.tar.bz2?download
   9. http://gstreamer.net/releases/redhat/
  10. http://gstreamer.net/contact/lists.php

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