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> Hi Samuel,
> Well until we come up with something concrete the current esound based
> API is the official one. I have started doing a GEP for using a
> small library on top of GStreamer as the API, but the GEP is currently
> in Thomas Vander Stichele's custody :).

I am not 100% sure here, but maybe UFI ( Universal Format Interface ) ,
being discussed in the ongoing development process of UCI ( Universal Codec
Interface ) could also be an option here.

Erik Walthinsen, one of the founders behind gstreamer, has recently give
excellent input to the UCI mailing list (   ) and
even started to write a paper on this and other
behalfs .

Alex Stewart, the head behind UCI, stated he could think of creating UFI on
top of UCI once its ready to use. The purpose of creating UCI was to have an
easy to use API to be able to handle everything codec related. UFI on the
other hand should offer a much wider functionality, being an extension to
UCI, offering a more complex API allowing everything necessary to handle
audio tracks in general.

Sorry if i missed the point here completely, i am not a developer myself.

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MCF / UCI mailing lists : news://
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