Esd replacement

As I sit here procrastinating to pack up my computer for my big move...
Bah, I'll do it tomorrow. :)

I came across this:

"Esound on steroids"; Esound-replacement with several advanced features like
multi-user/multi-device-support, Esound compatibility, lower latency, lower
CPU-usage, multithreading, Semi-OO-environment, sound-recording, multiple
soundcard playback synchroni[zation]

The first working version of asd. Completely rewritten. Now features
multithreaded design. Supported audio-sources are unix-fifo, silence generator,
noise generator, sine generator. Supported audio-sinks are unix-fifo, oss-dsp,
null. UNIX/Inet-socket and oss-dsp-capturing support is being worked on now.

All music aspires to the condition of muzak.

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