Re: Some ideas...

On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 05:41:01PM +1300, Michael Adams wrote:
> Erik adds....
> >I love the idea of united sound themes for the desktop.
> we'd have to get onto the theme makers, and maybe make up a few to go with 
> specific themes, hust to show that it is possible.

Heh. Graphic design and sound design (while not mutually exclusive) are very
different beasts. Oops I see what you are saying now. Yea, that would be an
idea, but I think we should have a guideline or project charter/mission

> Conrad said...
> >on a randomly related keyboard-response vein, check out syre-blink:
> >
> >
> >
> >btw, is there any mechanism for putting ideas into a bug tracking database
> >or something? I find that way useful for coding sprees ...
> the prog wouldn't compile for me. :(
> probably my <cough>brocken</cough> redhat 7 + 6.2 glibc-devel etc!

It wouldn't compile here either, but I have redhat 7.0 glibc.

> Conrad said, again...
> >For this reason, the sounds I did a while ago at
> >
> >were mostly made with similar softsynth settings (similar harmonics)
> >but with differently shaped pitch and filter cutoff envelopes. For
> >example, the "question dialog" sound was made with a pitch envelope
> >that tips up at the end like it's asking a question, but otherwise
> >has similar characteristics to the normal "dialog" sounds, all of
> >which in turn work with the button and menu activation sounds when
> >they're triggered.
> i tried these, but 1) i don't have a subwoofer, and 2) they were a bit too 
> quiet i think. maybe cos of my poor speekers... but they do sound good i 
> have to say.

I started editting them but haven't had much time this Oct. (plus I'm just getting
over the flu that is going around. :( 
There is a possibly that I'll be getting better facilties very soon.

All music aspires to the condition of muzak.

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