Re: [gnome-mud] How to get started?

=2009/5/12 Mak Nazečić-Andrlon <owlberteinstein gmail com>:

Hi Mak,

> I would like to join GNOME-Mud as a developer, so how can I get started?

Always looking for more help.  The best thing to do first is probably
get the code:

git clone git://

Any patches you'd like to add should either be sent to this list, or
preferably, attached to a bug
report on our bugzilla page located here:

If there's no bug describing what your patch does (probably the most
likely case :P) just open a new bug.

Those of us interested in gnome-mud tend to hang out in #gnome-mud on but if you prefer the mailing list
by all means use it.

Finally, we have a wiki page with some general (and mostly current)
information about gnome-mud:

Feel free to ask any questions you have.


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