Re: [gnome-mud] [patch] 64 bit crash

Daniel Patton wrote:
Hi all,
	I've had a bit of trouble with crashes on various muds with 10.5, after
a bit of investigation I found the problem only occurred with an
mccp-enabled build on a 64-bit system.
Attached is a patch that seems to solve the problem.  It seems a little
large to me for such a small fix, is there a better command to use for
patches than "cvs diff -u"?

cvs diff -u > patch.diff would be enough, somehow you seem to get stderr also in your diff?

Regarding the patch, setting the string to NULL will make the g_free will ignore and not free the string at all, so I guess this error must be elsewhere, that is we don't take into account that types isn't the same size of different platforms.

One thing I see is that mudcompress_response is returning const char* which we cast to gchar. Is char and gchar the same size on your system?


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