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I'm submitting a second patch that includes support to modify the direction strings (e.g:"north", "south", etc.). It uses gconf to store it in the active profile, much as keybindings do (I tried to follow keybindings code as much as I could). It also adds a "directions" button in the profile editing dialog toolbar, which by now has no icon. This dialog uses libglade and is (hopefully) trivial to integrate with the future glade interface. The only problem is that with my knowledge of automake tools I couldn't find the way to add directions.c and libglade compiler/linker flags to work with ./configure scripts, if someone can do it or tell me the correct way.. The patch also modifies the automapper so that it uses the profile directions and not default ones.

I have been testing it and it seems to work allright.

Well, i hope it has some use ;)


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