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Hello everyone!
I was a bit suprised to hear from Jordi, to say the least! Anyway, as
Micke might tell you, sometimes I just can't resist a challenge :)
I only got home an hour or so ago, and need to leave again now, but I
thought I'd whip up whatever I can...
The result is attached (I only spent a few minutes on it, so please make
suggestions and I'll work on it some more tonight). You didn't specify a
color in the email, so I went to the sourceforge site and the theme is
very blue, so I just used that for now.
Anyway, let me know if this is anywhere near what you were thinking of;
if not, please let me know what's wrong with it! The colors are very
easy to change!
I need to get going now, but I've subscribed to the list so I'll get
whatever is posted here :)
Daniel G. Taylor

Jabber: dan amessage de

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