Re: [gnome-mud] Triggers, alias parsing, and more

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 09:58:04AM +0100, Joaquim Rovira wrote:
> I've been playing around with the C plugin interface, and the problem I 
> came along (reported last week), has not shown again. This time, I'm 
> compiling Gnome-Mud from sources having previously installed the debian 
> binary package, and all went fine from the beginning...

Damn it! Maybe there's a bug in the Debian script which installs the
schemas file. I thought it was correct though. Also, the other user that
reported the same problem recently (Chad) wasn't using the Debian
package, so there's something strange going on anyway. We surely need
the check for correctly installed schemas.

> There's another 
> crash I'm trying to trace.. a crash that happens on closing the 
> automapper always under the same (more or less) circumstances, i'll 
> report as soon as I catch it.
> Also, I've found out that registered outcomming data functions do 
> nothing up to version 10.2... i fixed this in my local copy (a really 
> simple and quick patch), and I'll send a patch for the CVS version if 
> it's not already done..

Not done. We want patches! And it's very nice that you're looking at the
C plugins. We've been wanting to distribute useful plugins for a long
time now, but had no contributions.

> P.S: Ets català, Jordi?

$ head po/ca.po ;)

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jordi sindominio net     jordi debian org
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