Re: [gnome-mud] Triggers, alias parsing, and more

On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 09:58, Joaquim Rovira wrote:
> Hello again!


> I've been playing around with the C plugin interface, and the problem I 
> came along (reported last week), has not shown again. This time, I'm 
> compiling Gnome-Mud from sources having previously installed the debian 
> binary package, and all went fine from the beginning... There's another 
> crash I'm trying to trace.. a crash that happens on closing the 
> automapper always under the same (more or less) circumstances, i'll 
> report as soon as I catch it.

Ok, need any help just let us know.

> Also, I've found out that registered outcomming data functions do 
> nothing up to version 10.2... i fixed this in my local copy (a really 
> simple and quick patch), and I'll send a patch for the CVS version if 
> it's not already done..

Please do, patches is always appreciated :)


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