[gnome-love] GNOME needs some good SDK

Just look around: Apple and Microsofts have their own SDKs, APIs and IDEs perfectly working with them. 
Compared to these, developing for GNOME is way too hard and complicated. Maybe we have the fastest software, 
but we have to write with Gtk, which is just a toolkit, without anything else really integrating it. And C is 
over, so autogenerating a wrapper isn't a good solution (talking about gtkmm). If a newbie gets in touch with 
Cocoa and Xcode, he gets templates, he gets wide documentation, he connects events with handlers by a 
drag'n'drop, cutting on the IDE's editor.
But it's not just about the IDE itself, it's also about paradigms: Apple chose Model View Controller and 
Delegation, and everything is written around these, and it takes seconds to add a View to your application.
I'm saying this because I've been learning Cocoa for eight months, and I had learnt C++ before. Even now I 
know C++ is better in many ways, but trying back Gtk made me understand it's not about the language, now. 
Those who write iOS or Mac apps know what I mean with all this.

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