[gnome-love] I want to get involved in Gnome-development

Hello everyone,

I am B.Tech student of Computer Science and Engineering. I have no experience of open source development but I do have keen interest for the same. So after some R&D on Google I landed up here & I'm pretty much excited to know that "yeah ! I landed up safely in right place". But still there is lot of things left to be done. I want to contribute to gnome and some other software also like Ubuntu. And most importantly, I wanna volunteer Gnome in Google Summer of Code 2012. I am ready to give my 200% for whatever it takes to make into GSoC 2012. My skill sets are C, C++, Java(J2SE), and very soon I'm gonna learn Python 3. So, can anyone out here help me achieve these goals.

Lavakesh Pandey
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
ICFAI Institute of  Science and Technology, Hyderabad

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