[gnome-love] Need approval to submit a patch


I've never participated in such big open-source project as Gnome is,
so I decided to ask before I will spend hours preparing the patch.

I extensively use GIO D-Bus bindings in my project. To be honest,
there're some things that could be done in more convenient way. One of
those frequently-used tasks is emitting PropertiesChanged signal.
There's no high-level function for that so I wrote one, and I thought
that maybe could it be merged into GIO core?

Usage is as simple as:

  "ChangedVariable1", g_variant_new("s", "new-value"),
  "ChangedVariable2", g_variant_new("u", 1234),

This is rather common task in the various applications, so in my
opinion it shouldn't be reinvented every time. It is about 100 lines
of code to convert such call to proper PropertiesChanged signal.

Would GIO team would be interested in patch that provides such
high-level functionality?

If yes, how should I prepare it?


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