Re: [gnome-love] Help, What modulset is correct for Gnome 3?

Craig Keogh wrote:

Those patch files [1] [2] are within JHBuild.

Thank you for the response.  It turns out though that is is the way
that I installed jhbuild that is probably in conflict with it's
design.  It is installed as system software rather than user. The
install did not do anything with the modulesets or patches, and source
deleted after install

How can I configure jhbuild to look in a particular location for
patches? (e.g.

What is the recommended method to build and install gnome on a system?
It seems that jhbuild is intended for a parallel implementation,
rather than installing to /usr or /bin [1].


[1] - I am trying to build an LFS-6.8/Gnome-3.0 system with package
users (
The pkgusr jhbuild installed jhbuild in
"/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/jhbuild".  modulesets were put in
home directories where needed e.g user xorg has moduleset for xor-7.6.
user gnome-core has it's modulesets.  jhbuild has the bootstrap
moduleset, but individual package users installed individual bootstrap
modules (m4 -m4 ...)

I am changing config parameters using autogenargs in .jhbuildrc files.
 such as resetting --prefix=/usr so that jhbuild does not muck up /usr
with the directories it uses like /usr/etc/gconf/2.  I sure would like
a cleaner way to install from source.

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