Re: [gnome-love] Adding LIRC support -- GSoc?

В Срд, 26/03/2008 в 14:19 -0500, Jason Ekstrand пишет:
I am thinking of trying to add infrared remote support through LIRC to
GNOME, and have a couple of questions.

1. Would this make a good Google Summer of Code project?
Is it big enough? too big?

2. Is this too big a chunk to bite off for a rather new developer?
I'm a rather new developer, and while I know C, I lack practical
experience when it comes to big projects.

3. What is the best way implement it?
Would it be best done as a panel applet? as a plugin to
gnome-settings-daemon such as the current multimedia-keys plugin? or
as added functionality to the currently existing multimedia-keys
plugin? Much of the code (specifically for volume magement) would
probably be at least based on, if not copied from the multimedia-keys

4. Is this something people want in GNOME, and has it been done already?
I aquired a IR remote a couple of months ago, and spent hours on
google trying to figure out how to make my remote control my volume
through GNOME so that I could get the nice little popup and
everything, and the only thing I found, was that no one can do it.

I like this idea. IR setup is indeed a big problem. Taking the amount of
input devices like mouse with mousetweaks, keyboard, IR, probably speech
it would be nice to rethink their handling in desktop.

Indeed there are too many problems here and everything depends on the
proposal details. The biggest problem is the Lirc itself. To mine
opinion it's kinda obsolete project. Modern remotes on TV tuners are
mostly working with linux input layer through event devices. They act
just like additional keyboard. Lirc is not need here at all. The first
thing one should do is to make Xserver easily handle such remote firing
keypresses through /dev/input/event... Volume up for example must be
mapped to the same X11 volume up.

Probably it will involve kernel hacking, Xorg work and some GNOME
coding. So the project as a whole is too much for GSoC. But if you can
propose some subproject in this direction it would be nice.

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