Re: [gnome-love] libglade

On 23/07/2008, John Whitmore <captain deadly gmail com> wrote:
 My question is how do you pop that interface you create up on screen. I
know that's very basic but all I can find is a lump of minimal code which
should work. I followed the libglade link on the glade page
( to:

 and  used the lump of code there which does compile and execute but it does
not pop any interface at all. I can't seem to find anything else about the
actual displaying of the user interface in libglade documentation. It seems
like it should be as easy as that piece of code on the web page.

You need to have a toplevel window and show it. So, if you have a
GtkWindow on the glade file called ToplevelWindow you could do:

widget = glade_xml_get_widget (xml, "ToplevelWindow");
widget.show_all ();
gtk_main ();


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