[gnome-love] New App to Create and "Remix" Icon Sets

Hello everyone,
I'd like to suggest a new app for gnome. The app would be able to open and edit icon sets (but not the icons themselves), add/change individual icons in a given set, and "remix" between different sets.

It was partially inspired by Candy Bar for OS X and my own desire for a Linux equivalent. The design would probably be somewhat similar. (Screenshot here.)

The program would probably mostly be used by icon designers, but I'm sure that plenty of eyecandy freaks (like myself :-D ) could also find plenty of use for it.

I discussed the idea in #gnome-love on Friday (unfortunatly, it was the morning U.S. time when almost no one was around) and gavintlgold (he's new around here, but some of you may know him from compiz fusion) volunteered to help out with the coding.

I haven't worked out all of the details yet, but it'll probably be written in python in order to allow maximum participation from fellow ghop students. I was thinking of writting it in Vala or objc, but that probably wouldn't do as well :( (Comments are welcome, of course.) I haven't given the name any thought yet, but, again, suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm not sure what the usual process is for creating a new app and getting it ready for inclusion in gnome. Assuming that this idea is approved, I'll go ahead and I write some base code. I was thinking of adding a few ghop tasks once I got the minimum core finished.

If someone could forward this to the tango list (I couldn't find the list myself) that would be awesome.

I'm sorry if the explanation is somewhat vague. Its my birthday today and I'm taking the rest of the night off, but I'll explain/clearify tomorrow.


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