[gnome-love] Eye of Gnome Code Complexity

Hey list,

Mucking around with gtk+ libglade etc I downloaded the source for eog.
% for file in **/**.c; do cat $file; done | wc -l
tells me there are 26636 lines of code in .c files.
This is approximately an order of magnitude more lines of code than I
was expecting. Eog
doesn't seem to do very much and most of the tricky stuff (gtk, image
rendering etc.) is done by libraries.

Am I massively underestimating the complexity of code required for a
simple gnome application?
Is eog not such a good example of a simple but real gnome application?
Something else altogether?

Any suggestions?

(yes I've already written my own contrived image display app in 200
lines or so :-)

Kind regards,

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