Re: [gnome-love] building gnome with jhbuild

On Sun, 05 Nov 2006 21:05:36 +0100, Jan Bouma <janb linux chello nl> wrote:

gnome-vfs-daemon-method.c:975: warning:
'dbus_message_iter_get_array_len' is deprecated (declared at

Maybe turn off treating warnings as errors?  Granted, it's nice to
make sure such warnings are reported so the gnome-vfs authors can stop
using deprecated functions, but I don't think you can expect all
modules to never use deprecated functions; they need time to update.

I'm sorry but i'm new at this. How do i do this?
That is a question I bear in mind as well. As far as I remember a compiler flag tells it to treat warnings as errors. But I have no idea on how to disable/remove that flag.

btw the problem is filed as Bug 371467

Christian Kirbach
Christian Kirbach siemens com
+49 176 23861781

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