Re: [gnome-love] Where to make a policy suggestion?


I agree with Sri, a GUI should be a different interface between the user and the computer.  It is not layered on top of the command line (even though we think of it like that).

I recommend that anyone interested in developing GNOME for normal users get hold of a Mac and use it full time for a couple of months.  It's amazing.  It's uncomfortable, but you get a real sense of what's possible with a system designed to work completely from the GUI.  And as it has UNIX underneath we know that GNOME could reach this level of usability.

Automater, lets users built scripts in a drag and drop manner.  It builds on Applescript which is system wide and provides hooks into all applications.   Scripting interfaces for applications is something GNOME is really missing (or isn't well publicised) (quicktime so not sure if it will run on Linux)

Programs also often don't do things how you would do them on the command line anyway.  So it wouldn't make any sense fo the program to tell you what it's doing.



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