Re: [gnome-love] if a SDL related question is permitted here


On 6/9/06, suchindra chandrahas <suchi c gmail com> wrote:
There is a peculiar problem i am facing. I have a VNC Server at a remote
location. I am trying to send key strokes via SDL function, SendKeyEvent()
to the remote VNC Server (using rfb protocol) .For every character sent by
the above function, the character /key gets typed many times (Even after
giving sufficient interval between keystrokes). I am very thankful to
anybody for any help on this.

As with your question yesterday, please note that this list is not for
helping people get involved in just any open source project, it is
specifically for helping people get involved in GNOME.  It's not that
we discourage involvement in other projects, it's just that our
expertise is in GNOME.  For questions about other projects, I would
suggest contacting members of those projects.


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