[gnome-love] Gnome 2.13.1 moduleset available

Hi everyone,

For all those of you that want to get a taste of the release process
and even help with smoketesting things, a preliminary 2.13.1 jhbuild
moduleset has been posted at
http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/teams/releng/2.13.1/ (well, it should
be up soon--whenever the ftp mirror finally syncs).  Instructions to
build with this moduleset are up at
http://blogs.gnome.org/view/newren/2005/10/04/0 [1].  Note that this
is just a preliminary moduleset; it is subject to change at any time
up to the actual release (and in particular, we're posting it before
we've tried it out so we're not certain it builds to completion yet).


[1] Note that if you already have a jhbuild cvs installation, you
might want to backup your ~/.jhbuildrc and then change it just so
everything installs to a different location; the
sample-tarball.jhbuildrc file should help you out with this so that
file isn't just for people who don't have jhbuild already installed.

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