[gnome-love] Re: Best way to run Development/CVS Gnome?

Hi Steven,

Take a look at this very nice tutorial [1] written by Federico Mena, it's for Novell Linux Desktop but I think it should work also on Ubuntu.


[1] http://primates.ximian.com/~federico/docs/jhbuild-nld/index.html

Steven Garrity wrote:
I'm wondering what the best setup might be for someone who's interested in keeping up on Gnome development in CVS. I'd like to be running the latest CVS for testing, feedback, and hopefully some patches.

What I'm wondering is, what are the setups that work best for people? Do you keep the latest development stuff on your primary machine? Do you have a dual boot with dev/stable? Do you have a secondary machine?

Do a lot of developers run the development version of distros (Rawhide, Breezy, etc.)?

Also, do I understand the technology correctly that Xen might be a good way to run a development version of Gnome (or whatever system) as a virtual machine on top of your stable primary desktop?

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Thanks,
Steven Garrity

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