Re: [gnome-love] ALInex - ADSL Modems - Portugal

I used an ADSL USB modem in the UK with AOL.
I got it working perfectly with EciAdsl

However, connecting to the internet always required a
root user command (issued in terminal, or with a
gksudo launcher on the panel). I didn't work out how
to integrate it better into the system (so it would
connect automatically on startup, or on USB plug-in).
Hope that helps.

Our problem is that people use lots os different modems (speedtouch,
icedata, etc) and we would like to create a common framework to
configure them in gnome. 

So we need ideas how to implement this a a way it is usefull for

On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 16:34 +0000, Joachim Noreiko wrote:
--- Luis Rodrigues <l17173 alunos uevora pt> wrote:
Since in Portugal many of the people that use
Internet access using ADSL
USB modems we would like to support them on our

Network Admin doesn't allow for the configuration of
the modems or
installing the firmware.

What we want is to have a dialog that shows several
types os modems, the
users chooses the one he has and we write the
apropriate scripts, if it
needs a firmware we would ask the user to enter the
location of it.

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