Re: [gnome-love] GNOME Utilities :: Needs a maintainer

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 14:09 +1300, Glynn Foster wrote:

For the past few years I've been casually maintaining the gnome-utils
package on and off, although making very few code changes. A long time
ago, the gnome-utils package was full of all sorts of weird and wacky
utilities, that no one really used. Much of the code was unmaintained
and started to bit rot. Since then, we have managed to reduce the module
down to the following utilities -

              - Uses a dict protocol to connect n online dictionary 
                server, which proves to be not so useful for 
                non-native English speakers. The code is decent
                enough, but could do with a rewrite, or some clever
                way to integrate better into the desktop - should a
                beagle [1] search look up dictionary? Could it be
                part of the help browser? ...

I'm willing to entertain suggestions for putting that in Yelp.  I'd sort
of like to give Yelp some dictionary functionality, but I want it more
for looking up the obscure words that we sometimes fail to avoid using
in our documentation.

      Floppy Formatter
              - I've never used this, but Stef Dermurget has done 
                quite a bit of work improving the code. This one's
                in good shape

For all the potential new contributors on the list:  the documentation
team had a *really* hard time with the Floppy Formatter Manual for 2.8,
because none of us actually have a floppy drive.  If you have one of
these ancient relics on your machine, here's your chance to become a
documentation contributor.

      Search Tool
              - Dennis Cranston has done an excellent job maintaining
                this in the past, and there's not much more that is 
                needed. The code is good, and the app looks and feels

      Log Viewer
              - This one is a bit dud, and starting to code rot. I've
                thought about rewriting this time and time again, but
                never really got around to it. Should it even belong
                in a gnome-utils package, especially since it seems 
                to be more oriented towards system administrators?

Anyway, that's discussion to be had on another day. I don't have the
time or motivation to continue maintaining gnome-utils, and I really
feel that it's unfair for me to continue doing nothing [2] on the
module, code wise, when there are 1000's of potential contributors who
could give the module some life. 

I've decided to give up maintenance and won't be doing any more releases
in the future. If you're interested, and have some time to spare, drop
me an email if you would like to maintain gnome-utils.

Ooh!  Ooh!  Don't pick me!  ;-)


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