Re: [gnome-love] At last.................... I made it.......

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 10:29, Melinda wrote:
What could I do on this? Is this a Debian-side problem?
Ok, pal, I think I got you. After searching around, you are using
gtkmm-2.2 and libglademm-2.2 or libglademm-2.0. So there is a way to
compile my program without upgrading the library. Here's how:
Edit wallpapoz.cpp and change every "sigc::mem_fun" with "SigC::slot". 
Hope that work. 

Ok, I did the changes.

It worked :)

Anyway, I'll be exploring this in order to make it work properly.

BTW, would you mind if I cook a Debian package of it? I think this is a
nice feature, and would like to other Debian users could use it easier
with a package.


David Moreno Garza <damog damog net>
 PGP 356E16CD - 84F0 E180 8AF6 E8D0 842F  B520 63F3 08DB 356E 16CD

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