Re: [gnome-love] New to the list!

On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 21:39, Glenn Mason wrote:
Hello all!  I'm new to this list.

I've been a Java developer for ages, and a PHP developer for a while. 
I've done some C and C++ dev, but nowhere near as much as Java.  I'm a
huge fan of Gnome, and have used it since my first Linux install way
back with Redhat 5.2 -- the desktop that "just works".

I signed up here because the "Getting started" document on
told me to! :-)  So, I want to participate in the Gnome Project, but I
don't know where I should start!

I've already signed up to the GARNOME and Java-gnome lists ... but I'm
not really giving anything back just now.  What should I do?  Download
the Gnome source from CVS? 

It looks like nobody ever responded to this.  How embarassing.  There
are all sorts of ways you can get involved with Gnome.  Besides coding
(which is mostly C at this point) there's website work, documentation,
bug triaging, and translations, to name a few.  Bug days are a great way
to get involved.  They happen every Thursday.

Other than that, you should try to find a project that really interests
you and see what you can do to help.  People will occasionally send out
calls for help to this list, and that can be a good way to find things
to do.


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