[gnome-love] ATI TV out for Totem TODO item


If you fancy hacking on Totem, the multimedia player, here's a (quite
large, but rather easy) TODO item: add ATI TV out support, and cleanups.

- In src/video-utils.[ch], add 3 functions that will 
1) check if a type of TV Out is available
2) Set the TV Out mode on
3) Set the TV Out mode off

Those functions should check whether the machine has an ATI or NVidia
card (if unsure about that bit, alone, and write dummy is_nvidia_card
and is_ati_card functions).

The ATI TV out will be done using atitvout, the calls would be:
"/usr/sbin/atitvout pal ct" for PAL TV-Out
"/usr/sbin/atitvout ntsc ct" for NTSC TV-Out
"/usr/local/sbin/atitvout c" to turn it off

- In bacon-video-widget-xine.c, remove the libnvtv calls and use the
functions we added above

- In all the Totem sources, remove mentions of Nvidia, and NVTV

It's not a very easy patch to write, you will need to follow coding
style, and common sense.

All the patches must be against CVS HEAD, and be attached to:

Cheers, and get your editors started!

Note: As written, the atitvout calls will only work if Totem is run as
root, I have already set how to fix that problem, but it is outside the
scope of this little TODO item.
Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 
It was a working class tradition, like fathers chasing kids around with
their power tools. 

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