[gnome-love] bug day tomorrow

It's that time of the month^Wweek again- help flush the system of bugs,
find stuff to be fixed for 2.4.1, and generally help GNOME rock. It's
late, I'm tired, so directly to the serious stuff:

About Bug Day:[1]

Bug Day is an organized day for bug triage. It should take place between
0900 EST (1500 GMT) to 1700 EST (2300 GMT), later if others besides
myself show up to help out. Bug Day happens world wide, but more
usefully, it happens in irc.gnome.org in channel #bugs.  [If you can't
be there during the day, but would still like to help out, please email
gnome-bugsquad gnome org with any specific questions].

We have a bug day faq-ish-thing here:
that may help clarify what this is all about.

Hope to see people in the morning-

[1] Text liberally borrowed from Elijah Newren. Thanks, fuzz. :)

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