[gnome-love] Re: Nautilus thumbnails for more formats

        Okay, I wrote a script called vfstofs that prints the filesystem
        path equivalent of a GNOME VFS URI.  So "gimp `vfstofs -u
        file:///home/user/foo.png`" works nicely.  At this point I only
        handle the file:// URI class.  It would be nice to eventually
        have a real tool that handles them all (maybe downloads a remote
        URI locally temporarily or something, giving all applications
        rudimentary access to GNOME's VFS).

Sounds good, except that you might consider the form 
"vfstofs gimp [args]". That way you have a chance to clean up
temp files. Also I'd imagine it should be a real gnome vfs app,
not a script.
        How should I share this work?  Who would be interested in this? 
        Application maintainers?  The nautilus maintainers?  Perhaps the
        maintainers of the gnome-icon-theme package?  Or perhaps start a
        package of my own?
Seems to me like it should be built into the app which will use it:
nautilus. Or perhaps if it just copied between two uris then call
it gnome-vfs-cp and add it to gnome-vfs.

Stephen Kennedy <steve9000 users sf net>
http://meld.sf.net visual diff and merge

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