[gnome-love] How to help fix build bugs?

I've come across a few build bugs that seem to hang around for a long time (some only show up for --enable-gtk-docs, so I guess lots of folk building from CVS don't generally enable gtk-docs. In other cases, I have no idea why no-one else seems to notice them).

Generally these problems are trivially fixable - so assuming that I think I've found a problem and worked out how to fix it:

Question 1: Is it most appropriate to send an email to one of the maintainers, file a bug, email the mailing list, or none of the above.

Question 2: Should one _always_ send a patch, or for very trivial fixes it is appropriate to say 'Hey you need to stick a AC_PROG_RANLIB in your main configure.in file', and let the person who's going to fix it edit it manually.

(for elucidation the example in question 2 pertains to sodipodi HEAD. Another build problem example is libegg HEAD where files in the doc subdir refer to eggcellrendererpixbuf.h which was deleted late december.)

Darryl Rees.

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