[gnome-love] Doc love apologies.

        Let me apologize for some of my flippant remarks...

The GTK+ Reference Documentation Project is an even worse. It 
looks like their status page (http://www.gtk.org/rdp/status.html) 
hasn't been updated since *late 1999*! I guess they want to keep 
the information a secret.

        I was being sarcastic here. I know the RDP team doesn't want to
keep their information a secret. I was trying to be funny.

Do you have to be a close personal friend to someone on the Gnome 
Foundation to write docs? Why do the documentation teams fail 
to document their own efforts? Makes no sense to me.

        Email makes it hard to express sarcasm. I was poking fun at the
out-of-date Web pages that I mentioned earlier (DocTable and RDP Status).
Sorry for any misunderstanding.

-- Kevin Conder, kevin kevindumpscore com

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