[gnome-love] Corrent Gtk2 Widget

Hey all,

I am writing a 5250 terminal emulator in python, and would like to use
gtk2 for the gui. However I am not sure I can find the right widget to
use for the main terminal window. Here are the requirments:

1) must be able to capture all key presses to be parsed by emulator.
2) must be able to support different color text in the same widget.
3) must support different color background colors for the text in the
4) must be able to display a block cursor.

I have looked at the GtkLabel + EventBox model, the GtkText object and
its cousins in gtk2. But none seem to do what I need. Should I be
looking at some other widget or am I asking the imposible?

Thanks much,

Nate Custer
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