Re: [gnome-love] Graphical 'su' utility for GNOME

On 2001.10.24 05:30:04 +0200 Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
BTW, is it acceptable for a GNOME program to depend on kdelibs?
I don't know any GNOME machines that don't have KDE as well.

No, that's a generally bad idea. For example, if somebody was trying to
use GNOME in an embedded application (e.g. a PDA), then you have just
increased the storage requirements by a significant amount by requiring
the core KDE libraries, the C++ runtime support, etc.

I never imagined GNOME being able to run on embedded devices. :-)

What is missing
from the GNOME libraries that you need?

For example, classes similar to TtyProcess and SuProcess (which are
part of kdelibs). They really save a lot of work, but now I
have to try to port them over to GNOME.

Some other observations...

An 'su' utility needs to run setuid root, introducing all of the
inherent security problems. Previously, there has been advice _not_ to
use ther GTK libraries in a setuid application, since they haven't been
designed or audited for that purpose. That advice may well still apply
-- search some of the gnome-devel and gtk-* mailing list archives for
the relevant threads here.

Kdesu, and therebefore gnomesu, creates a terminal for su, and sends
the password to the terminal.
It's not setuid root, it just "emulates the keyboard" for su.

You possibly have a license conflict in your source code. Libgnome and
the GTK group of libraries are all LGPL and your product requires those
to compile and run. I think that conflicts with part 3(a) of the
Artistic License you have included (IANAL, so draw your own conclusions,
but it seems like you could alter the source and not contribute back
changes just by renaming some things, which is not allowed if the
sources you alter are the LGPL portions). I would rather avoid a license
debate on this list, but that is something you and your fellow
maintainers will need to work out.

I wish I can use the GPL or LGPL too, but kdesu is licensed under
the Artistic license so I can't do much about it.

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