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--- digitect mindspring com wrote:
From: "Josh Steiner" <joschi eds org>

(As a random, verbose side thought, I've always
wondered why somebody
doesn't just create a full GNOME front end to Vim...
you know, GTK GUI
menus and toolbars that just passed commands to the
Vim engine, but with
the command line removed (or optional). The biggest
hurdle to Vim is
knowing commands; if I could reach everything via
GUI I might have the
patience to learn the shortcuts later.)

Well first off, Vim has gnome support... menu's and
all that.  At least Vim 6.0 does.  It is REALLY nice.
I don't think you could use it without knowing SOME
key commands like i for insert gg for goto line hjkl
for moving x for delete etc., but most of the commands
you have to type in (:split, for example) can be
accessed through the menu.  The menu's in GVim can be
changed through the Vim scripting language, and even
the toolbar can be added to.  If you haven't tried Vim
6.0 I would strongly suggest you download it and try
it out.
A google search for screenshots I found this one...

  As a side note to this side note :), I am working on
an almost completed bonobo wrapper for GVim that uses
the remote editing protocal that goes through the X
Server to talk to a GVim window.  I am implementing
the Desktop::Editor interface but am having problems
seeing as there is not a lot of documentation. Is is
still being used?  

I am writing this for use with CCView, and have got
all the methods that CCView uses (goto line and insert
text), but I am interested to know if anyone else is
interested in using a gvim bonobo wrapper.  The
wrapper does not make gvim into a widget, but just
translates bonobo methods to the right vim commands to
be executed in the window.  No modifications on the
Vim source.

Is there any documentation on what each method in
Desktop::Editor is supposed to do?   These are my
questions... the other methods I kinda guessed what
each function should do.
-Is the getpath() method supposed to return just the
path, or the path and the filename, or just the
filename?  the path from the current working directory
or a complete path (starting with / )?
-What is a GNOME_stringlist ? It is returned from the
gettext() method.  How do I construct one?

A last problem I am having is how to implement the
get_ and set_selection members.  How do you all thing
the best way to set a selection would be?  Just set a
mark with the label "a" at the begining and move the
cursor to the end?  Vim doesn't have a defined
selection like other editors have... Vim is possible
of having 26 selections all at once!


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