Re: [gnome-love] Where to start


There are plenty of resources for you to familiarize yourself with gnome
nad gtk programming here: 

In aprticular I strongley recomend GTK+/Gnome Application Development by
Havoc Pennington .... read that and you will be well on your way:

good luck!


On 7 Nov 2001, Manuel Borchers wrote:

Hi List!

I'm new to the list, so I just want to introduce myself.
I'm not new to Linux at all (using it for some years now, and let's say
for a year as full desktop OS). 
I'm also not new to programming, I started with BASIC on my C64, then
went to the PC with Pascal and Delphi.
Now I'm learning C, but that isn't really the problem, once a
programmer, always a programmer ;)
So C is going on quite well and I'm working on a project. It's a
hardware project (using a Microcontroller) that is controlled by a host
PC. For this problem I wrote a console app (using curses) with TCP/IP
stuff and so on...
So now I want to make a GUI for my programm 'cause console isn't too
comfortable ;)

So my question to the list is: are there any good Tutorials on
Gtk+/GNOME programming?
The point is that I do not need the programming basics, but more the
"API" of Gtk+/GNOME.

I just designed the GUI with glade yesterday, but now it's time to
implement the functionality ;-)

Thanks for your time!

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