[gnome-love] International Clock Applet

Hi all,

Here's a missing feature from the GNOME desktop that I've been yearning for
whilst doing release management for GNOME 2.0.

  Difficulty: Low-Medium.
  Knowledge: Bonobo, Applets, GNOME 2.0 platform.

Release management means hounding and hassling people, and meeting up with
them. Because GNOME is a very, very international project - and partly
because I'm in Australia ;) - getting times together is troublesome to say
the least.

Having an international time viewer as part of the standard clock applet
would be incredibly good, so you can quickly pop up a world map and browse
for times (a more advanced utility would let you mark out times and scan for
an appropriate meeting time, but this is out of the scope of the clock

Now, whether this can be done in time for GNOME 2.0 is another question
entirely, but there are quite a few weeks to feature freeze.

Hope someone is interested in picking up this minor, but exceptionally
useful feature!


- Jeff

                    Two words: Japanese technofetishism.                    

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