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Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:

Hi all

Apparantly Gnome IconEdit has ceased to exist. However, I feel we do

Unlike proprietry software Gnome is hard to kill.  
Gnome Icon Edit has not "ceased to exist" its GPL, its in Gnome CVS, and
it was included with Mandrake 8.1 
It may not be under active developement, but it has by no means ceased
to exist.  Please choose your words carefully.  

require such a program (lightweight - just for making small

On this I strongly agree, there does not seem to be a low/mid range
replacement for MSPaint, Paint Shop Pro, and others.  I think there is a
definate gap that could be filled, the Gimp is generally too complicated
for my needs, i would really go for something more simple and familiar 
(linux is one of the Operating Systems I use, and i use Gnome for more
than just linux)   

images/icons). Is there anyone who is planning to revive this program,
and maybe port it to GNOME 2 ?

How are your programming skills?  I'd bet any work you do woud be

I have been in touch with the author(s) over the past week with a view
to tweaking it, and providing full documentation.  
Havoc handed it over to Iain years back, and im just waiting for second
reply from Iain.  

i dont want to take on too much at once, i just want to make the most of
the existing codebase.  Porting it to Gnome2 is another matter
entirely,  although i would love Icon Edit to be more portable.  
I would hope whoever wants to do that would fork icon edit until their
port is stable and at least up to parity with the old version so i can
patch and document the old one.  


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