Re: [gnome-love] New Gnome Menu

Jason Brock <sho ev1 net> writes:

I am making a new menu for gnome that adds some more functionality in
the first pop-up menu and then continues with the regular Gnome menus. 
It will be a menu in comparison with Win XP's menu. It is not a look a
like. It will be Gnome-ish, kind of like evolutions Summary are using

I'm a little confused as to what exactly this will look like.  Is it for
the panel?  Is it a popup-tutorial for the first time you start GNOME?
Do you have a mock up you can share?

Is python going to be good enough; speed, bonobo(maybe), gtkhtml,

python with pygtk is an excellent language for this kind of thing,
though if this is for GNOME 2, be aware that there aren't python
bindings for bonobo yet.  It does sound like this is on the simple side,
though, and bonobo won't be necessary.

What widget is the best to use for flexibility? gtkhtml or canvas or
anything else???

Those are two very different widgets.  If you post a more detailed
description of what you hope to do, I'm sure we'll be able to help you
find what you need.


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