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Many thanks. I had attempted to rebuild libxslt, but I didn't think to
uninstall it. Now I'm going to go off and think about this chicken & egg
problem a little... ;)

On Sat, 2001-12-01 at 00:02, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 08:31:59PM -0500, George Karabin wrote:
On Fri, 2001-11-30 at 23:19, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

I have been using vbs since April and have never had more problems than
module dependencies changing as GNOME 2 developed. They are really nice
and I recommend them highly, so if you are having problems, by all means
post them and let's solve them.

FWIW, I occasionally (i.e, twice since August, today being the second
case) run into problems of form that are only corrected by deleting and
reinstalling everything, i.e.:
1) delete my vbs scripts
2) doing a clean install of vbs from cvs
3) then deleting my /gnome/head directory
4) then do a

In this case, I'd noticed that gnome-xml had quit building for me
lately. I was seeing some errors that didn't make any sense, and rather
than try to make sense of them, I did a reinstall first (which has
corrected the original problem I had).

Ah, there's another useful trick to know here: sometimes libxslt will
not build or both gnome-xml and libxslt will make parallel changes that
slightly break their dependencies on older versions of each other. So
you build libxslt and it fails. Then you go around again and gnome-xml
detects libxslt and tries to build some stuff that depends on that and
fails also (that's not the trick, btw; that's just the problem).

The solution is to go into the libxslt directory and do 'make uninstall'
and then try to rebuild gnome-xml and libxslt in that order. If that
fails, you 'make uninstall' both gnome-xml and libxslt, blow away their
cvs directories (only! No need to delete all the modules) and rebuild
them (which will include a checkout if you are using vbs).

Last week, in particular, gnome-xml and libxslt were having some build
problems. They are all fixed now, so if you can get your system to
rebuild again, you should be fine.

Some background: These two modules are a bit special, because although
they are part of the GNOME 2 platform libraries, they also have a
release schedule of their own, since they are heavily used on everything
from Windows to VMS, so Daniel Veillard is constantly fixing bugs and
making them build-friendly for about a billion platforms. They are also
being used in some KDE applications now, to, so some bug fixes have come
from there. In short, every now and again CVS builds break, but only for
a little while.

There is not really any nice way around this in vbs, since it has to
install as it goes (so that later modules can depend upon the earlier
ones) and if you get halfway through and it explodes, you have a
half-upgraded and probably broken platform. The only real solution is to
alter the install targets so that it flips between location A and
location B every other build. But that is left as an exercise for the
reader. :)


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