Re: [gnome-love] vicious-build-scripts

On Fri, 2001-11-30 at 23:19, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

I have been using vbs since April and have never had more problems than
module dependencies changing as GNOME 2 developed. They are really nice
and I recommend them highly, so if you are having problems, by all means
post them and let's solve them.

FWIW, I occasionally (i.e, twice since August, today being the second
case) run into problems of form that are only corrected by deleting and
reinstalling everything, i.e.:
1) delete my vbs scripts
2) doing a clean install of vbs from cvs
3) then deleting my /gnome/head directory
4) then do a

In this case, I'd noticed that gnome-xml had quit building for me
lately. I was seeing some errors that didn't make any sense, and rather
than try to make sense of them, I did a reinstall first (which has
corrected the original problem I had).

FWIW, Benny, I'm not sure if my scorched-earth solution would help you
out at all. If you're working from a brand new installation of cvs
stuff, probably not, but if you've been rebuilding it for a while, maybe
it will. Good luck...


- George

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