Re: [gnome-love] Unwritten controls?

I've been reading a lot of bonobo stuff lately. Now I think I know
enough to write some kind of control. The problem is that I don't want
to create a whole application and/or create custom interfaces.
Therefore, I wonder if some project has any controls unwritten that you
think that I might be able to help you with. I do have quite good GTK+
and GNOME programming experience.

A good place might be the gIDE project - stop by #devel-apps on irc and talk to jpr or campd. The project is 
particularly good because it's done entirely with bonobo - there are a ton of plugins that do stuff via 
bonobo controls - I've been helping them out a bit, and I've learned a bunch about bonobo controls. It'd be 
real easy for you to pick a plugin and work on that as a discrete part of the overall big picture - and it's 
a pretty cool project, anyways. If you want (limited only by my knowledge :)) any help with installation, 
email me back or stop by #devel-apps on irc. (I'm davef)


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