Re: how/where to find Gnome Preferences Tool?

I haven't seen your new thread. Changing the focused window colour/contrast should be fairly easy, and I think you could do it with a gtkrc file instead of writing a whole theme. You probably won't be able to resurrect scroll buttons though. They were phased out years ago, so the functionality has probably been removed; not something you can simply enable with a theme option.

On Tue, 6 Apr 2021 at 01:07, ken via gnome-list <gnome-list gnome org> wrote:
Thanks very much, Tom.  That's a lot of themes to choose from! I'm
concerned though most with functionality.  Specifically, I'm after (1)
scroll buttons on the windows and, (2) I'd like to have much more of a
color difference of the window having the focus from the other windows. 
I've opened a separate thread about scroll buttons (if that email is
allowed to come through onto this list).


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