Re: how/where to find Gnome Preferences Tool?

Ken, that Desktop User Guide is very old (see the last modified times
of files in and it does not refer
to GNOME 3 desktop environment used in Fedora 33.

-- rpr.

On Sun, 4 Apr 2021 at 18:23, ken <mait newcultures com> wrote:

Looking at and following the Desktop User Guide, I was trying to create a new theme (and do a few other 
things explained there).  I already have and have been using the tweak tool quite a bit, but what is 
explained in that userguide does not correspond at all to the what's in the tweak tool... iow, it doesn't 
seem to be the same app, the Preference Tool, mentioned in the userguide.

On 4/4/21 6:44 AM, Carl-Valentin Schmitt wrote:

I think Ken means the package


You need to install this package
before you can adjust Gnome.

Greetz. Val.

ken <mait newcultures com> schrieb am So., 4. Apr. 2021, 11:20:

Though I've seen the Preferences Tool mentioned in several gnome docs
(including the userguide.pdf), I haven't been able to find it on my
system (Fedora 33) or in the repos so I can download and install it.
Does it still exist...? or is it perhaps included in a package by some
other name?

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