Re: Multiple Process/Application Instances

On Wed, 2019-03-06 at 12:08 -0700, James Moe via gnome-list wrote:
On 05/03/2019 10.59 AM, Bill Wood via gnome-list wrote:

I have a process, an xterm or emacs for example, in one workspace and
then switch to another workspace and click on the emacs or xterm icon, I
get kicked back to the first workspace.

  Yes. that is how it works.
  If you select the icon with the RMB, you get an option list, one of
which is "New Window." That opens a new session rather than switching to
an existing one.

OK, thanks.  I fixed the problem by installing the gnome-fallback
package, giving me (if I understand correctly) some of the functionality
of Gnome Classic.  This is a Good Thing since that's what I have on
another system, and having the same behavior on all my systems is also a
Good Thing.

I do have a question about this, though.  How can I move particular
applications onto the Favorites menu?  It seemed happen automagically on
my Debian 8 system but not on my newly-installed Debian 9 system.  I'd
really like to get the terminal and emacs on the Favorites menu.

Thank you,

Bill Wood

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